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Bethleigh Flanagan L. Ac.,  L. OM  
Herbs for you!
Bethleigh specialize in custom blends for individual needs. these may be prescribed in granule, raw or tincture form. Tableted herbs are also available. Should you be prescribed raw herbs, the method for decocting them is below.   

Instructions for Preparing Herb "Soup"
1) Place herbs in a stainless steel or glass cooking pot.
2) Cover the herbs with 9 cups of water. This amount may vary depending on the amount of herbs used in your formula. The water should completely cover the herbs.
3) Bring the herbs to a boil. Then turn down to simmer for 45 minutes. 
4)  Let cool and strain the liquid into a glass jar and refrigerate.
5) You should have 6-7 cups of liquid. Take 1/2 cup of herbs once in the morning and once in the afternoon or early evening. Unless instructed try not to take them right before bed.
6) It is ideal to take your herbs warm or at room temperature either 1/2 hour before or 1 hour after meals. If this poses a challenge let me know.
7) Please call or email me after your 3rd day of taking the herbs for a phone consultation to discuss if we need to make adjustments to the formula. Please  feel free to call me before that time if you have any questions or concerns.
8) If you have been taking tableted herbs, please stop taking them at this time.
9) The most commoner side effect of herbs are related to digestion. If you notice any unusual GI effects please contact me so that we can adjust the formula if needed.
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