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from acupuncture point to acupuncture point 
Graduated with a Doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine in 1987 from the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland, Ca.
  • 1987-1989 worked at Integrative Medicine Clinic, Ganeshpuri, India

  • 1991 -1995 Staff, Girard Medical Center for the treatment of Substance abuse integrating Acupuncture protocols with medical and therapeutic treatments.
  • Bethleigh enjoys teaching and has lectured throughout the Philadelphia region in hospitals and to professional health care organizations. 

  • Post Graduate studies- 2 year Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine with Alex Tiberi 

  • Bethleigh's acupuncture is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine training and practice. Bethleigh's gentle technique uses needles appropriate for an individual's constitution and needs.

  • Additional Modalities include Chinese cupping therapy, Electro acupuncture and heat lamp therapy.
  • Bethleigh considers herself a general practitioner and has worked extensively with;
  • Pain Management, anxiety, depression, Lyme Disease and women's health
  • Bethleigh is committed to working with you to achieve your health goals. Her many years of daily meditation practice have deepened Bethleigh's ability to bring insight as well as expertise to her treatments. Regarding herself somewhat as a "Health Detective" Bethleigh spends time outside of the clinic studying each case and evaluating relative research and treatment strategies. Deeply committed to the individual, Bethleigh listens closely to each person as a whole. Passionate about Chinese Medicine, she looks forward to working with you on your health concerns.
 Bethleigh uses these principles of ancient wisdom and modern research to develop your customized treatment plan.
Herbs for your health!
  • In her free time Bethleigh enjoys kayaking, hiking, yoga, gardening and studying Chinese Medicine! She lives with her husband and son in Media, Pa.
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