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Bethleigh Flanagan began exploring alternative and complementary medicine when she was a teenager. Upon graduating from high school Bethleigh Apprenticed with a natureopath and acupuncturist in Albany New York.  launching  an experiential investigation of the healing arts, Bethleigh attended classes in nutrition, herbalism and massage, eventually settling on Acupuncture due to it's vast knowledge extending back thousands of years. Bethleigh Flanagan L.OM. (Licensed Oriental Medicine Practitioner) received her degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine in 1987 from the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland, Ca. The License L.OM. qualifies her to practice Oriental Medicine, the scope of which includes acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

  • After completing her degree Bethleigh spent a year in India working in a multi-disciplinary clinic and working with local villagers from a hospital bus.
  • Returning to the states in 1991 Ms. Flanagan served on staff at Girard Medical Center for 3 years integrating acupuncture treatments and medical protocols.
  • Bethleigh enjoys teaching and has lectured throughout the Philadelphia region in hospitals and to professional health care organizations. 

  •  Most Recently Bethleigh has continued her studies in chinese herbal medicine by studying herbal formulas in the Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue, and the use of these ancient formulas in modern clinics and research. She has completed an advanced 2 year training in Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine with Alex Tiberi.This type of Herbal Medicine uses Chinese Herbal formulas from classical texts. Bethleigh specializes in combining these formulas and customizing them with individual herbs as needed to suit a particular persons constitution. Looking at a persons constitution involves careful observation of body stature, coloring, tongue diagnosis, pulse and abdominal diagnosis. Bethleigh has studied  Classical formulas with Dr. Huang, Alex Tiberi, Heiner Frueff , and Sharon Weizenbaum.

  • Bethleigh's acupuncture is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine training and practice. Bethleigh's gentle technique uses needles appropriate for an individual's constitution and needs.

  •  She also uses non needle modalities including Chinese cupping therapy, tuina massage, probe micro current and heat therapy. Bethleigh is trained in electro acupuncture for sports injuries, weight loss, facial rejuvenation and fertility treatments.
  • Bethleigh considers herself a general practitioner and has worked extensively with;
  • Allergies, asthma, recurring infections, pain management, women's health and menopausal concerns, Pediatrics, arthritis, TMJ, headaches, Endocrine disorders, digestive disorders, Lyme Disease, immune health and staying healthy!

  •  Bethleigh is committed to working with you to achieve your health goals. Her many years of daily meditation practice have deepened Bethleigh's ability to bring insight as well as expertise to her treatments. Regarding herself somewhat as a "Health Detective" Bethleigh spends time outside of the clinic studying each case and evaluating relative research and treatment strategies. Deeply committed to the individual, Bethleigh listens closely to each person as a whole. Passionate about Chinese Medicine, she looks forward to working with you on your health concerns.
Bethleigh uses these principles of ancient wisdom and modern research to develop your customized treatment plan.
Herbs for your health!
  • In her free time Bethleigh enjoys kayaking, hiking, yoga, gardening and studying Chinese Medicine! She lives with her husband and son in Media, Pa.
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